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Where can I read the range rules?
You can read the range rules here: Mills Indoor Shooting and Archery Universal Rules

What is the minimum age to shoot in the archery range and rifle range?
Shooters (bow and gun) are welcome from ages 10 and up and must be accompanied with a parent or adult over 18.

How much does it cost to shoot in either range?
Pricing is as follows:

Archery Range:
$2.00 per half hour session
10 sessions for $10
20 sessions for $15

Rifle Range:
$12.50 per half hour session
10 sessions for $100
20 sessions for $150

Mills Fleet Farm gift cards are accepted at Mills Indoor Shooting and Archery

Do you offer armorer/gunsmithing services?
Yes. Please talk to a staff member to set it up.

Are handicap accessible lanes available?
Yes, we have 2 lanes that are handicap accessible in both ranges. These can be reserved online or in-person.

Are demo bows or firearms available?
Yes, talk with a staff member to see what is available. Only ammunition purchased at Mills Indoor Shooting and Archery will be allowed for our Demo firearms.

What should I bring with to shoot in either range?
Safety glasses and hearing protection are required at all times in the rifle range. A brimmed cap or hat is recommended to protect your eyes against ejected cartridges.

Can I bring my own firearm to shoot in the rifle range?
Yes. All firearms and ammunition may be inspected by Mills staff prior to use. Any firearms or ammunition found to be unsafe or unserviceable will not be allowed on the range. All handguns, rifles, and shotguns are subject to approval at the discretion of our staff.

Do you have any restrictions on kinds of guns or types of ammo allowed in the rifle range?
We generally allow most any quality factory or reloaded ammunition in common calibers suitable for target practice, however there are some restrictions for the safety of everyone. We prohibit the use of any ammunition designated as incendiary, tracer rounds, or explosive rounds. Also, .50 caliber rifles, .416 and super magnum safari type calibers are not allowed during public range sessions, please contact us for private appointments. No muzzleloaders or black powder firearms are allowed due to fire hazards. The only shotgun rounds allowed on the range are single projectile slugs, buckshot and birdshot are not allowed. We reserve the right to limit any cartridges that are especially loud or otherwise disruptive to other customers.

Why can't I create an online account myself?
User accounts must be set up in-person at Mills Indoor Shooting & Archery. Shooters must view a safety video and complete proper paperwork to have an account registered with us. After the account is set-up, shooters will have access to their own account to reserve shooting times, purchase additional credits, and register for events. Accounts must be “renewed” every 12 months by viewing the safety video again. Mills Shooting & Archery has the authority to lock accounts at any time, per individual actions.

Are any prerequisites required for the classes you offer?
Our classes are open to all levels of shooters. If there would be a prerequisite for a certain class, we will be sure to include that in the course description.

Is holstering allowed in the rifle range?
Holster work is not allowed at Mills Indoor Shooting and Archery during public range sessions. If you are interested in holster work, we would be happy to allow you to safely do so during one of our Defensive Pistol classes. If you are retrieving your pistol from holster, remove it slowly with your finger straight, place it muzzle first on your shooting station bench before you begin handling the firearm with the intention of shooting. All firearms must arrive and leave the shooting station bench in a case, holster, etc. No uncased or unholstered firearms may leave the shooting station bench.

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